TRAMES, 2003, 7(57/52), 1, 53–62


Towards modern STI policy-making in Estonia[1]


Marek Tiits


Research and Development Council of Estonia


Abstract. To send a man to the Moon, was the strong vision leading peaceful develop­ment of science and technology in the United States after WWII (Kennedy 1962). This article discusses if Estonian science, technology and innovation policy should be led by any longer-term clearly spelled out objectives, which would result in the consolidation of efforts in science, economy, and society at large. The author also aims to initiate a debate on what could be the bases for such a shared vision on Estonia’s future.


[1]     The views of this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Government of the Republic of Estonia. Parts of this paper are based on: Tiits et al 2003.

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