Das Problem der Realität der AuSSenwelt, die sittliche Forderung und der Glaube an Gott nach Immanuel Kants Kritik der reinen Vernunft. Zu seinem 200. Todestag am 12. Februar 2004


Otto Kaiser


Philipps-Universität Marburg



Abstract. “The problem of the reality of the external world, moral demand and belief in God according to Immanuel Kant’s critique of pure reason. For 200th anniversary of his death on 12 February 2004.” The article consists of seven parts: the task of philosophy; Kant’s preliminary work for the great turning point in the history of meta­physics and ethics; metaphysics as a science about the limits of human reason; the dependence of knowledge on its a priori conditions; the reality of the external world as the prerequisite for a posteriori knowledge; God as the transcendental Ideal of theoretical reason, the problem of freedom and God as a postulate of practical reason; the highest good.