TRAMES 1, 1, 1997

Andrej Pinter. Epistemology of semiotics and epistemology with semiotics


Due to fortunate circumstances, semiotics experienced what is now often referred to as a 'golden legend'. But the reasons why semiotics has been in the centre of scholarly interest for quite some time now do not tell much about semiotics itself. Thus, another path was taken in the paper in order to explain the recent drive to semiotics. Semiotics is not directly analysed, it is analysed through its underlying epistemology. Moreover, contemporary epistemological discussion is taken as a starting point in finding a place for semiotics among other scientific disciplines. As constructivist epistemology is taken to be a likely contestant for the epistemological primacy among other traditional stances, its basic premises are more closely analysed and an epistemology with semiotics is succintly outlined in order to go beyond the key problems of constructivism.

Key words: epistemology, semiotics, constructivism.

Andrej Pinter is a student of communication sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana and editor of TEMA - students quarterly, and ZOFA - Slovene students journal.

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