TRAMES 1, 4, 2000

Jüri Engelbrecht. Editorial


TRAMES has been founded in 1997 as a representative journal of Tartu University and Estonian Academy of Sciences. At the moment it is the only fully-refereed, internationally abstracted, English-language scholarly journal in the humanities and social sciences in Estonia. However, from the very beginning the journal is opened to all the researchers, especially to those who are interested in transition process between East and West.

The path chosen by TRAMES is the path of scientific values. Strictly peer-reviewed, its portfolio has not always been full but the policy of the Editorial Board has been kept as it stands. Now, the decision has been made to nominate an International Advisory Board of TRAMES. This Board should help the TRAMES to become internationally better known amongst scholars of humanities and social sciences.

We live in a fascinating world. Sometimes it is said that there are five experiments in progress. These experiments are the human population explosion, the global warming, the progress of technology and the progress of evolution. The last but not least experiment is how mankind will cope with all that. The task of TRAMES is mostly related to the last experiment - to illuminate, analyse and may be also predict what happens in the society and what are the social and human values in the 21st century.

I do hope that everybody from the newly appointed International Advisory Board will support TRAMES to face this challenge.

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