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1. Oil Shale Vol. 16, MONOGRAPH:
K. UROV, A. SUMBERG "Characteristics of Oil Shales and Shale-Like Rocks of Known Deposits and Outcrops"
Translation from the Russian version published in 1991. Data on the composition of organic and mineral matter of oil shales from 100 different deposits as well as the characteristics of products formed from shales at retorting are presented. The authors have compiled this monograph basing on their own experimental research and examination of literary data. The monograph may be of interest to scientists and engineers as well as to students dealing with fuels, particularly with oil shale.
                  Will be published in October 1999.
                  Price US $25, plus US $5.50 for postage.

2. Oil Shale Vol. 16, SPECIAL
includes papers of authors from Russia and other states of the Commonwealth of Independent States written in Russian. The papers have long summaries and other explanatory comments written in English.
                  Will be published in December 1999.
                  Price US $25, plus US $5.50 for postage.

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