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  Linguistica Uralica


ISSN 1736-7506 (electronic)  ISSN 0868-4731 (print)

Published since 1965

Linguistica Uralica


ISSN 1736-7506 (electronic)  ISSN 0868-4731 (print)

Published since 1965

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Journal Information

Published by the Estonian Academy of Sciences (Eesti Teaduste Akadeemia).

Editorial policy
The Linguistica Uralica publishes peer-reviewed primary research papers in English, German, and  Russian.
Papers dealing with any aspect of Uralic (Finno-Ugric and Samoyedic) linguistics are welcome on fully international basis.
All scientific papers to be published in the Journal are reviewed internationally.
It is published quarterly (in March, June, September and December), and all articles are provided with short English, German, Russian or French summaries.

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Current Issue: Vol. 54, Issue 4, 2018

Publishing schedule:

No. 1: 28 March
No. 2: 28 June
No. 3: 28 September
No. 4: 28 December