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  Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences

ISSN 1736-7557 (electronic)  ISSN 1736-4728 (print)
An international scientific journal

Formerly: Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Geology
Published since 1952

Estonian Journal of Earth Sciences

ISSN 1736-7557 (electronic)  ISSN 1736-4728 (print)
An international scientific journal

Formerly: Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Geology
Published since 1952

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Vol. 16, Issue 1
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(Full article in PDF format) https://doi.org/10.3176/toim_k_g.1967.01.2





On the basis of correlations, J. Kiaer (1908), C. Teichert (1928) and some ohter authors were of the opinion that the lowermost Silurian is missing in Estonia. Namely, the Juuru (Gj), Tamsalu (G2 ) and Raikküla strata (G3 ) of Estonia were correlated either to the Middle Llandovery, or to the uppermost Lower and the Middle Llandovery.
Only J. Martna (1957) and A. Aaloe (Аалоэ, 1958) stated that there does not exist any considerable hiatus on the border of the Ordovician and Silurian in Estonia.
The distribution of the graptolites found in the above-mentioned strata (fig.) indieates that only the upper part of the Raikküla stage (G3b) corresponds to the Middle Llandovery; its lower part (G3a) certainly corresponds to the upper part of the Lower Llandovery, G,1-2 obviously being even older. If there exists a hiatus in the lowermost Silurian of Estonia at all, it is at any rate rather limited.
Attention is drawn to the fact that the assemblage of stromatopores and corals in uniform within the limits of G,1-2 + G3 a (the so-called Clathrodictyon boreale Riab., Palaeofavosites paulus Sok., Paliphyllum soshkinae Kaljo and Pentamerus borealis Eichw. assemblage); on the other händ, the assemblage of G3 b ( Clathrodictyon clivosum Nestor, Parastriatopora celebrata Klaam., ete.) differs from both the abovementioned and the sueeeeding assemblage of the Upper-Llandoverian Adavere stage (H). These assemblages are in good accordance with the elassifieation of Llandoverian rocks into three subseries.


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